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With MAIA, the future is just around the corner!

As the world faces radical changes every day, humanity demands a greater usage of technology, mechanics, crafts, and human intelligence. We, at MAIA, believe in combining sophisticated technologies with brilliant ideas to build products that will make a difference and that will change people's lives for the better. We proudly admit that our overall predisposition to spending a great deal of time researching, reading, exploring, and getting inspired from the everyday life gave MAIA a distinct advantage over the others and a skill to create, build, and influence.


Empowering people through technology and innovation.

We have a strong belief that it is the perspective that determines the future, and we see things from a different angle.


Avidly working on our vision.

Led by a strong passion and commitment to bettering people's lives, we plan to revolutionize the way in which people view ordinary objects around them.


1. Satisfied costumers

We want our costumers to be satisfied with MAIA's products. We want them to feel empowered and happy with the choices they make.

2. Leader incoming

We aspire to make MAIA a leader, and a dignified competitor for the international companies in the technological field.

3. Protecting the environment

Besides the various features that they have, MAIA's products consistently remind people of the importance of nature and environment, and the role that they have to preserve it.


MAIA - Blindly religious about technology and innovation

Innovation is rooted in MAIA's DNA. It is at the heart of what we do.

Besides the fashionable appeal, MAIA's products tend to be outstanding.

By means of contemporary technologies and strategies, MAIA offers innovative and modern solutions to conventional problems.


Highlights on MAIA's calendar:

ICT Awards - July 10, 2020

Erik Zhubi (CEO) represented MAIA Inc. Company with the product "Jason" in the 8th Edition of the Albanian ICT Awards, in which MAIA was nominated in the category "ICT Startup of the year".

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