Reasonable Insanity

Futuristic feeling like never before.

Technological masterpiece from top to bottom.

Designed to solve many problems.

Jason is as innovative as environmentally conscious.

Carefully engineered to be community’s best friend and entirely tailored to people’s needs. The environment is what we all have in common. This is why Jason starts from the social aspect by offering a basic commodity that enables people to empower themselves by protecting the environment at the same time.

Design is Art. Art is Power.

Fascinating, Revolutionary Design

Built by a hard working team of engineers and designers, Jason is properly designed to fulfill the needs of the community.
Its design makes Jason not only highly functional, but also quite expressive and good looking! No better way to embody notable smartness, remarkable style and gleaming elegance in a single design.

Simply Stunning.

The most advanced bin ever.

Jason treats waste differently. Its foremost quality is the automatic waste separation. Using machine learning and image processing, Jason recognizes every waste and separates them automatically. We proudly state that Jason is an innovative and quite inspiring way to reduce pollution and protect the environment. But there’s more! Jason likes to reward users for throwing waste in it.

USB Charging

Low Battery?

Jason got your back!

Wi-Fi Hotspot

Right time. Right place

Mobile Application

Get rewards through app.

Automatic Separation

Using Machine Learning and Image Processing.


Real time measure.

Real Time Monitoring

Real time data processing in the cloud.

Waste Compression

Waste Compression

Safety Sensors

For a safe future.

Reliable Solution.