Protecting customers’ privacy

Costumers’ privacy is of utmost significance at MAIA.
We believe that the protection of privacy is one of
the fundamental rights of users, so we have placed it at the center
of our activity. This way, anyone can access our products
without worrying that their personal data may be read by
strangers or, even worse, distributed and misused by vandals.


Data privacy is treated differently by different companies
and organizations; the majority of companies base their business
on data collection and information from their users. However,
costumers should know the purpose of their data being
collected by a machine. Since in many cases this is rather
impossible, we considered it imperative to protect our costumers’ privacy.

Why does this matter?

In this digital-driven world, digital data flows around very
easily. The modern phenomenon of taking their data is causing
discomfort to users and is becoming a complex issue. We are
convinced that many products can be used without the need to
provide personal data. Therefore, we decided to integrate
a new feature in our innovative technology –
the protection of our costumers’ privacy.

By pure definition, privacy is an explicit right.

In the modern age, data remains sensitive.

Protecting costumers’ privacy is not a new concept. Costumers historically have desired privacy in their social activities.

Data protection binds individuals and companies together.

Privacy protection is a significant part of MAIA’s business strategy as well as a product issue

Since the establishment of MAIA we have thought deeply
and broadly to ensure the protection of clients’ privacy.
We are well aware that the lack of privacy protection can
highly impact users’ experience.
We are convinced that when privacy principles are addressed
properly and purposefully, it helps our company to boost

Supporting ethics

Protection of privacy builds the trust and loyalty between us as a company and our customers. We, at MAIA, view privacy not simply as a differentiator, but as an important standard for our new technologies and services. We have explicitly made clear that privacy protection of our costumers is a core goal to us, and by meeting this goal we create emotional connections, loyalty, and build brand value.

New transparency infrastructure:

In order for us to ascertain the desired privacy protection, we decided to build a new and better transparency infrastructure. In contrast to the other companies, which do require a great deal of personal data and, many times, the users’ faces – we have applied a new method known as “identity-blind”. This means that we as a company do not require the personal identity of users. Moreover, we try to protect it through the technology that we have integrated that does not require face identification.

User experience

The little data required by users is the basic data required by other applications, with no harm. Users can use our application(s) via Facebook or Gmail connection. The purpose of obtaining this data is entirely related to the users’ experience. By enabling themselves to use the app, they will be able to enjoy a memorable time with our products, and make a better usage of our products’ rewards.